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New BEVPORT Refresher™ Oasis®

The Refresher® Oasis™ is the latest addition to the Cushman® food and beverage family.

With four divided beverage compartments holding up to 500 cans, an innovative design and flexibility, this vehicle was engineered for volume.

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FLEXSERVE Refresher® FS2™

A welcomed site! The Refresher® FS2™ with FLEXSERVE extends the reach of your clubhouse to gain on course revenues.

With 14 cubic feet of changeable merchandising space, the FS2's award winning design gives flexibility to adapt the FS2 to the needs of golfers.

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FLEXSERVE Refresher® FS4™

A True Hospitality Platform! The Refresher® FS4™ was designed as a hospitality platform and help gain revenues on the course.

Golfers love the modern style, big countertop and end cap bar. With over 21 cubic feet of changeable merchandising space, easy to access beverage drawers, end cap bar, the FS4 makes a great impression.

Options include a keg module, food warmer, frozen drawer and NSF rated ice sink and more.

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The DropIn™ offers back up refreshment support with a capacity of 350 cans. It quickly fits in to the poly bed of a Cushman® Hauler 1200.

Options include a dry goods cabinet, canopy and frame, airpots and cup dispenser.

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Refreshment Centers!

U.S. Patent No. 8844994
U.S. Design Patent D72205

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