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19th Hole Cart LLC is the industry's leader and recognized innovator in mobile refreshment centers.

Our mobile refreshment centers lead the industry, from our award-winning and patented FLEXSERVE™ FS2 and FS4 to our newest, the BEVPORT™ Oasis™.

For over 30 years, 19th Hole Cart's focus is to drive innovation and build the highest quality refreshment centers in the industry.

The patented FLEXSERVE® vehicles offer unmatched flexibility with large U-shaped countertops, End Caps, changeable modules including Foodwarmer and Keg Modules for complete merchandising.

We proudly design and build our refreshment centers in our factory in Tempe, Arizona.

BEVPORT Refresher™ Oasis®

Our newest refreshment center is the Refresher® Oasis™. Engineered for capacity with a large U-shaped countertop, it shares the great looks and practicality with the FLEXSERVE™ FS2 and FS4.

Four divided beverage compartments hold up to 500 cans. A modern insulated tank ensures drinks stay cold a long time with minimum ice melt.

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FLEXSERVE Refresher® FS2™

The Refresher® FS2™ with FLEXSERVE™ helps to generate extra revenue on the course.

Exclusives include a large U-shaped countertop, a built in end cap bar, 14 cubic feet of merchandising space, and changeable modules.

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FLEXSERVE Refresher® FS4™

Like the FS2, the Refresher® FS4™ was developed to build your on-course sales through tailored merchandising. The FS4 offers twice the drawer capacity for beverages and almost twice the display space, 21 cubic feet. Both the FS2 and FS4 share the same modules for maximum return and flexibility. Only the FS2 and FS4 offer a changeable Beer Keg module, Foodwarmer module, frozen drawers, bar service and many other options to really provide your clients a premium experience.

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