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19th Hole Cart LLC is the Expert in Mobile Refreshment. We design and build innovative, award-winning and patented mobile refreshment vehicles.

We are pleased to announce our newest model, the NEW Refresher Oasis®. The Oasis joins the family of the revolutionary FLEXSERVE™ FS2 and FS4 Refreshers® to offer more choices in food, beverage and merchandise marketing. The patented FLEXSERVE® vehicles offer unmatched flexibility with large U-shaped countertops, End Caps, changeable modules including Foodwarmer and Keg Modules for complete merchandising. The Oasis centers on beverage capacity, while retaining the signature U-shaped countertop, smart functionality and great looks.

FLEXSERVE™ Refreshment Centers

The Refresher FS2's unique features include 100 percent accessible storage, 40 percent more merchandising capacity, 14 cubic feet of dry storage space and more!

The Refresher FS4's unique features include 100 percent accessible storage, 60 percent more merchandising capacity and more!

U.S. Patent No. 8844994
U.S. Design Patent D72205

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Available Options Include:

Innovative Beer Keg Modules, Foodwarmer Modules, Freezer Inserts, Catering Bags, Dual Slide-Out Pegboard Merchandisers and more!